High Control Light Curtain

Sunny elevator light curtain includes two series---H series and P series. H series obtained national invention patent (No.ZL01105213.9) on Jan 26, 2005, it is widely used in luxury elevator and famous for its 8-channel special design, which means anyone can make uegent repair by pushing the elevator users when some diode is broken. P series can automatically increase the No.of infrared beam as the distance increases. It can also remove the broken diode and keep the elevator working. This series is widely used in common elevator.


P series light curtain is a standand type, it has the same quality and specification as the H series, but no channel switch design. P series has two main features. First, fixed beam with model 384Pand 192P, flexible beam with model 640PG and 320PG. The operation principle of flexible beams. When above 300mm, the number of infrared beam will increase to 320 in order to reduce the blind zone caused by long distance. The second feature is failure diode tolerance. The receiver is composed of four single circuit boards, there are two LED in the top board. One is used for power indication which is always lighting in normal condition. The other only lights up when one or several diodes fail to work. It means the lights curtain is working is working under sickness. In three minutes, the broken diode will be removed automatically from funtion, and the elevator recovers.


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