High Control

High Control is a company that offers high technological-value and functional elevators on the market, with a wide range of solutions, designed and developed for increasingly demanding customers in terms of design, safety and performance.

The High Control product range covers all needs: elevators, goods and car lifts, escalators, platforms for disabled people and other special elevators.

High Control solutions

High-tech product that guarantees reliability, high professional specialization, high control and safety operational service for collaborators and customers.

High product design that guarantees the best quality product solutions in order to satisfy every need and detail requested by customers.

Customized product that guarantees accurate analysis of customer needs, which is followed by a product planning in order to make it becomes exclusive and "handmade".

Quality and innovation

High Control favors the quality and innovation, supports the continues growth strategy, with the entry in new markets, in order to improve performance and increase competitiveness. These are the reasons for High Control to invest resources not only in product innovation but also in process innovation, focusing on solutions which can help us to achieve efficiency and quality.

Design, accessibility and performance are the basic ingredients of our recipes that are always different. They are designed thanks to internal structure that provides maximum flexibility without renouncing the fundamental principles of safety, cost and quality.