High Control Elevators

High Control offers lifts of ??any size and range for commercial and industrial use. The company provides safety and innovative cabins with customized solutions.

High Control assists the whole process of lift installation, from planning through the order management to the delivery on site. The know-how, constant research of new technical solutions, high quality materials combined with strict control of our products, distinguish High Control as a reliable company to build and customize your lift. The use of modern materials and innovative products, which combine the safety and durability with the aesthetic effect, have always characterized our elevators.

  • Panoramic
  • Special
  • In stainless steel
  • In wood
  • In plastic coated steel sheet
  • In plastic laminate

Our Offer

In our offer we have a machine room-less (MRL) elevator specifically designed for both residential and commercial applications up to 150 meters rise, like houses, offices, shopping centers and hotels, that need a highly versatile product with medium-high performance.


MRL is an high technological plant which works at high speed 1m/s, covers long distances and makes use of advanced solutions such as new control panels and gearless motors. The low power consumption is another essential feature of this product. Its particular structure allows, in fact, a power consumption which is lower than that of the traditional lifts. As a consequence, this allows energy and economic savings. The machine room-less lift allows designers to utilize the space traditionally occupied by technical rooms, and the positioning of the control system in a small closet on the top floor.

Hydraulic lifts

The hydraulic lifts are ideal for private or public buildings such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals, hotels or residential buildings. hydraulically driven lifts represent a particularly efficient solution for smaller buildings such as private homes, apartment blocks and any other premises where the frequency of use, number of stops and speed are limited. Its specially compact suspension mechanism allows the shaft size to be reduced to a minimum. The lifting system is particularly compact and allows to minimize the size of the hoistway, the control panel, and the hydraulic power unit which are positioned inside a small cabinet. Extremely compact cabinet reduces the cost of realization and maintenance.

Metal lifts

Metal lift shaft structures are engineered and designed to assemble self-supporting metal racks (including seismic), particularly suitable for existing buildings of historical or artistic value. The metal structure can be made of stainless or painted steel and filled with safety glass, plastic coated steel sheet or steel.

Landing doors and frames

The style that combines simplicity and refinement, landing doors and frames represent the best solution for admission to the car. They are available with central, telescopic, blind or grazed opening, and in a wide range of colors and materials as high quality plastic laminates, painted or colored sheets, steel and laminated glasses. They are particularly suitable in any place and every context, residential or industrial building, exclusive offices, plants for interiors or exteriors, hospitals and they give continuity and value to the building. Strong, not capable of being deformed and reliable, they are available in the measurements indicated in the catalogue, but can also by customized, according to specific customer's needs.

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