High Control Cargo Lift Solutions

High Control offers a variety of cargo lift solutions, that satisfies different requirements:

  • For small vertical pathways, with solutions at pantograph
  • For routes with higher tensile piston side

The cargo lift solutions are designed and manufactured utilizing high quality well engineered components. They are a real lift of the vertical transport of cargo and also vehicles. High Control meets customer needs offering a wide range of products, sizes and useful capacities, all compatible with the safety standards.

The increasing necessity of exploiting the whole available spaces and volumes, especially in height dimension, has persuaded technicians and designers to plan an hydraulic lifting platform, extremely versatile, having as main characteristic the possibility to be installed in the most varied situations. The union of new and modern ideas has brought the building of the GAMMA 50 lifting’s series which are characterized by a telescopic column capable of raising from 0 mm to 4.400 mm. for standard models, and 4.400 mm up to 25.000 mm for machine of personalized measures or out of standards. The running or sliding of the different parts of the telescopic column is made easier by plastic sliding blocks that make the lifting’s movement noiseless, without vibrations, and moreover they don’t need any lubricant. A large range of accessories gives the possibility of personalization of the lifting in order to carrying loads from 5q up to 20q.

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