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Welcome to the world of High Control

Moving up and down will never be a problem with us. Our lift systems are suitable for any type of installation, thanks to an accurate analysis of customer needs, which is followed by a targeted planning of the product and installation. The capacity planning and execution, carried out with high quality materials thanks to our partnerships with leading technology companies, ensures the best user satisfaction, both for public and private clients.

The solutions of High Control are always beautiful, reliable and durable. High Control is an industry leader of vertical movement. The range of High Control offers the best product solutions, in architectural and aesthetic terms. The products of the company meet customer’s and designer’s needs.

High Control does not deal only with design and installation of any standard system type of for moving people and things. The company produces also a wide range of specialized equipment, always at the top of the functional and operational characteristics.

The experience of High Control guarantees the most value product specialization.

Among the different types of plant which are always more appreciated by customers, are often the drivers of business for final customers. One of the most valuable plants is certainly panoramic lift. They are ideal to use for the vertical transportation systems, for the architectural purposes and absolute aesthetic prestige. They also are a valuable tool to reduce the possible reactions related to claustrophobia and are always able to satisfy the aesthetic needs. Panoramic lifts increase the impression of spaciousness and brightness, present in a modern buildings, attracting the public gaze.

Even in modern residential construction, High Control's special plants can be wide use, such as the elevators without machine room. They are the latest evolution of the car lift. The obvious advantage of the solution that doesn’t require a separate machine room is the space saving that the presence of local would impose to be used for this function.

Special attention to architecture

High Control dedicates a special attention to the history, to the centers of cities with large and small buildings of architectural value, offering specific new or modernized elevators with installation that can have only a low impact on the environment.

The specific elevators for historic buildings are perfect for building restructuring, even if they involve existing elevators, whether it be for replacements, implementations or installations of new one.

In many cases the designer needs to solve problems of restructuring, related to a lack of space for the installation of lift, shaft, control room equipment and traction. Our designers are at the disposal of customers, to solve even the most difficult interventions.