High Control Control Panel

High Control offers a comprehensive collection of elevator control panels. These are powered by 16 bit microcontroller that allows to integrate complex functionality. The neutral free design makes the system more reliable. All input and outputs are well protected from over load and short circuit.

  • The elevator control panelboard is ideal for installations with a single feeder to multiple elevators within the same elevator core.
  • 30–200A, 240 Vac and 600 Vac fused switch to feed the elevator
  • 1NO and 1NC 120 Vac class mechanically interlocked auxiliary contact for hydraulic elevators with automatic recall
  • When compared to installing multiple traditional loose breakers or fusible switches feeding elevators, the elevator control panel can save space and installation time while meeting the mandated code requirements.
  • Ample space is provided for power conductors and control wiring.

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